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Backbone magazine and Backbone online has been put in suspension until further notice.

A special thanks to all our devoted staff, contributors, readers and clients. We feel privileged to have been able to meet and showcase so many inspiring remarkable people and businesses.

Backbone magazine and, (circa 2001-2016) focused on business, technology and innovation and was a powerful publication and online resource to enhance Canadian business and lifestyle through the use of technology. Backbone was distributed through The Globe and Mail (100,000+ copies), as well as corporate alliances with Air Canada lounges, Industry Canada, HR companies/consultants, industry associations, individual subscriptions and trade shows etc.

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Congrats on the Backbone mag legacy. - Travis

Backbone was leading edge and made the common technology folk like me understand and appreciate it better. - Allen

End of an era. Thank you for your impact and contribution to the Canadian tech scene. It was a pleasure working with you. Wishing you all the success in your next venture. - Mary

Sorry to hear the news. Backbone was a quality publication in which you can take great pride. Best of luck in whatever come next for you! - Rick

I must say you deserve a lot of credit for hanging in with Backbone for so long. I know it must have been a real challenge. Strong editorial in the midst of a challenging ad sales (etc.) market. - Dave

Sorry to hear about the magazine - it was one of the few that I looked forward to receiving and usually read from cover to cover. - Ian

Best of luck with your new ventures. - Melanie

Sorry to hear this Steve. Congrats on a great run. Good luck in the new gig, there is life after magazines. - Doug

Sad to hear about that. I'm a die-hard innovation supporter, Good luck in your projects. - Louis

Congrats on what you have accomplished over the past 14 years. - Kevin

It's hard to close the chapter that you have been so passionate ops will open up now. - Brent

Steve, although we've not met in person, I admire your entrepreneurial spirit and wish you the very best. I'll keep you in mind when I hear of new opportunities. - Janice

All the very best to you in your future endeavours. - Peter

Congrats on a great run! - Don

I always enjoyed Backbone, and am happy the website will still be available. These days are very difficult times for all media as technology changes everything. All the best in the future and please keep in touch. - Catherine

Sorry to hear about Backbone... that was great gig. I don't need tell you that Publishing is very tough in this day and age. - David

I'll keep my eyes and ears open re merger options and will definitely send anything I hear about your way. - Scott

Thanks all the great content over the years. Looking forward to your next project. - Marci

You guys gave it an awesome run in a difficult marketplace for print publications. But sometimes deciding when to walk away is as important as deciding when to start. Good luck in your new ventures! - Nathan

I'm sorry I was not able to support you more since we don't get advertising funds or even a decent budget for this market but I have always admired your work. - Good Luck - Chris

The magazine had a great run! Good luck on the next adventure! - Mark

Sorry to hear about the magazine. My roots are in publishing too, and I understand the realities. I definitely enjoyed getting the pub, great content about how technology can enhance you businesses, unfortunately it didn't enhance the magazine business. - Jon

I congratulate on what you achieved and it only takes courage to let go and do something different. - Patsy

The day the music died. Onwards and upwards! Best of luck in your future endeavors, whatever that may be. - Eric

Hi Steve, I'm sure you have mixed emotions on this front. Your dedication to Backbone - remarkable! I'm sure this was a hard decision! As they say one door closes another will open. - Kathleen

Sorry to hear that Backbone has finally been laid to rest. It was a real pleasure working with you, and I was honoured to have been included in the last edition of the magazine. All the very best to you, and I hope our paths cross again sometime. - Dan

Wishing you luck in your new ventures. Send me your contact info so I can stay connected as well as all upon services when required - Fawn

I am sad to hear about Backbone Magazine, I know it's tough business to be in and many others have stopped printing. Let me know if you need any support with the digital side of the business. - Harry

Congrats on 14 years of amazing success with Backbone and the decision to move on... - Jeff

Congratulations on keeping it going for 14! You had a good run...let's have a chat...I started a new digital business that may be of some interest... - Kevin

I'm soo sad to hear this. I absolutely loved reading your magazine. Good thing the web site will still be around! - Mona

You guys did some great work, and the magazine will be missed. - Duncan

Thanks for the update - I had to suspend my tech start up last fall so can sympathize. - Mike

Sorry to hear the news. You're a well respected person in the field of IT from my standpoint. All the best to you and the business! - Andrew

I am sorry to hear this. You had a long great run and played a big part in the advancement of the Tech industry in Canada and should be proud of what was accomplished. - Linda